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Rosa de Bulgaria - Rosa Damascena

In the area surrounding Bulgaria there exist too different variations of healthy roses which can't use for distillation due to their feeble fragance and because of their bad revenue when compared to the Rosa de Bulgaria.

The distillation of the Rosa de Bulgaria is made in the Rosa de Bulgaria distillery in the transcurse of 4 hours following the blossoms are collected. This is made as to preserve the qualities of the Rosa de Bulgaria Oil and petals.

The distillatory process of Rosa de Bulgaria includes adding heat to common water up to one hundred and twenty º C of temperature in the distillery containers and introduce the blooms of Rosa de Bulgaria. The evaporated water that escapes is trapped and reduced to freezing temperature in one more container, which concludes in Rosa de Bulgaria Rose Water Hidrolate.

A couple distillatory processes take place to remove the fragance of the Rosa de Bulgaria plants completely. The remaining plants of Rosa de Bulgaria, already lacking perfume, are employed as compost in the areas where the Rosa de Bulgaria gets grown, because the cultivation and growing process of the blossom is done with no artificial particles or industrialized materials for plant growth. This is done to ensure the quality, smell and features of the concluding Rosa de Bulgaria Oil.

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