jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Rosa de Bulgaria - Procedencia

Rosa de Bulgaria derivation is the norhtern part of Africa. It once was inserted to Bulgaria by the citizens of the ottoman empire in the sixteenth century, because they then had Bulgaria in their control. In the events subsequent to the said event, it was exposed that the zone where the Rosa de Bulgaria to grow was exclusive at the time when it came to growing positions and farming of Rosa de Bulgaria.

The only part in the universe in which the Rosa of Bulgaria of enough class for distillation grows wildly is the Valley of the Roses, in Bulgaria, which extends upwards of an zone of one hundred and twenty miles ample per 20 meters extended. It is located in between the Balkan Chain of mountains, in the south of Eastern Europe. This region has positive circumstances for the expansion of Rosa de Bulgaria. Throughout most of Spring, precipitation is not uncommon.

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